About Me

My name is Jennifer but I declared myself Jennego at age 3, not knowing how useful it

would be online but there must be an entire city of Jennifers out there. I use both Jen and Jennifer interchangeably, depending how many letters you want to use.

I am a web developer, equestrian and geek. I love purple, ponies, photography and programming (well, okay mostly JavaScript).

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC - I moved in 2018 and currently live on Vancouver Island.

I have an BA degree in English from Simon Fraser University (2013) and am a CodeCore Developer Bootcamp graduate (2017). I'm not sure why I have an English degree myself - it just sort of happened.

Surprisingly despite being a developer (and being Asian AND neurodiverse), I still manage suck at math. Also, despite having an English degree, I manage to suck at spelling - oh I know when I word "looks" wrong or right, I just can't seem to come up with it. See? Crushing stereotypes with a lack of aptitude. Amazing.

My hobbies include horseback riding (dressage), researching random things and sometimes, I make things. Not like physical things. Physical inanimate objects have some sort of plot against me - I can literally have things break doing nothing. I make virtual things, they seem to behave slightly better.

You can also sometimes find me on these games

  • Star Stable Online (Cupcake Valley, Mira Purplewater)
  • Howrse (International, Jennego)
  • Topps' Disney Collect (JENNEGO)
  • NeonMob (Jennego)